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    By admin | April 20, 2008

    This site is a long overdue project that is finally just getting off of the ground.  The look and feel of this site is evolving rapidly as I learn how to work with WordPress and integrate the images generated with vZome software.  Fortunately, my head has retained a lot of what I have been working on. Unfortunately, I am so used to being alone with this information that I feel like I am the only one who speaks the T-module language. Bear with me, and do ask questions and give critiques.  I am not a trained mathematician nor a graphic artist(lets not even talk about web design).  I bailed out on computers after anticipating the potential of their arrival and then being dissatisfied with all of the proprietary hinderances.  But I never let go of my enjoyment of the T-module and after 25 years of first stumbling on to it, and now I think I have the tools to express what I have clanging away in my cranium.

    The general concept of the site is to use the images of Zometool made with vZome, along with some simple GIF animations.  I find that this is a good way to go because: 1-The models can be duplicated without the need of special modeling skills through the use of Zometool and 2-Zometool is predefined in its angles and edge lengths.  By using these tools this site and myself are liberated to accomplish much more with less space.  I was going to try to build cardboard models and photograph them and have a bunch of printable pages where one could print, cut-out and assemble modules and models.  That part, the 95% hurdle, is now handled.  The last 5% is: “can this kiosk guy keep fresh product on the shelf and get return customers”. We shall see…

    The main architecture of this site is to have a live blog (you are reading the first post), a main body of pages spelling out the various aspects of T-module geometry, and a historical account of approximately when, why and where I figured something out.  The last part will give a chronological path to the work that is personal and one of the only ways I know how to explain this material.  The main body will most likely have lots of links to itself and to related areas on the internet.

    Thanks for your time and patience, please fell free to comment and come back every once in a while, the site is growing.

    David Koski

    I would like to acknowledge a few people that helped make this website even get to this point.

    First, my uncle, Greg Koski, for encouraging and supporting me when I first got involved with this stuff.  Those were some synchronistic days.

    Second, Kirby Urner, who has kept this work from completely expiring and has had to listen to my lament for two decades.  I consider him a friend as well as a colleague.  I am not so sure he mirrors my sentiments exactly.

    Third, Scott Vorthmann, designer of vZome software, and the folks down at Zometool.  Without the right tools, I would be thanking X-acto and the 3M invisible tape division.  Well, now that I ponder that one, the old cardboard and tape tools got me here, also.

    And lastly, Mike Vanderscheuren, who knows how to get things done and does.  I would still be lost in the world of “wishing I had a site”, if it were not for him. 



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